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PRINCIPAL Bruce Kearney
ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS Laureen Adderley   Barb Balliro
BUSINESS MANAGER Joyce Janakievski

Reservoir West Primary School was established in 1954 in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. An extensive rebuilding program was completed in 2010 to provide the community with a modern architecturally designed school comprising four buildings with facilities and equipment that allows teaching and learning to be flexible, engaging and stimulating. Six relocatable buildings have been provided to cater for increased enrolments. Covered basketball courts and assembly areas, extensive playground equipment, grassed and synthetic turf areas provide students with a safe, secure and practical playground environment.

The school serves a socially, economically and culturally diverse community. The school’s Student Family Occupation (SFO) index has changed significantly from 0.57 in 2011 to 0.4680 in 2020, which indicates that the socio-economic status of the student cohort is in the mid to high range. The school's SFOE index is 0.3598 and the proportion of students born in Australia is 68% per cent.

Student enrolments have increased from 254 in 2010 to 583 in 2020. This increase in enrolments has resulted in the school receiving an enrolment ceiling since 2013.

In 2020, the school employs 46.7 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff, consisting of 36 FTE teaching and 10 FTE non-teaching personnel. The leadership profile includes a Principal, two Assistant Principals two Leading Teachers and two Learning Specialists. The teaching staff is experienced with a balanced blend of graduate teachers. School services provided by the Department of Education and Training (DET) funding include a speech therapist, and support teachers and integration teacher aides who provide significant welfare, literacy, numeration and extension support. The school also employs a Counsellor and Speech Therapist. The School Council manages a growing School Age Care program which caters for 90 students and also conducts Vacation Care.

Reservoir West Primary school provides a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum. The school has developed literacy and numeracy continuums, which are supported by an extensive assessment schedule. Whole school agreements are outlined for curriculum areas and include expectations, assessment tools, common language and evidence-based instructional strategies. The coherent, school wide methodology applied to planning, assessment and the sharing of effective practices has built a unified teaching approach focused on making a positive impact on student learning. The diverse learning needs of students are catered for through purposefully designed teaching and learning programs.

The school uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) routinely across the curriculum and students have access to a comprehensive range of specialist subjects. In addition, an integrated program covers the areas of History, Humanities, Health, Civics and Citizenship. At present, Science is taught as an individual subject due to the school’s involvement in the Specialist Science Teacher’s Initiative, and utilises the e5 instructional model through which students are taught how to work in a systematic manner.

Students are currently organised for learning in a mixture of straight and composite classes. The new facilities have provided the opportunity for flexible groupings of students and collaborative teaching. In 2020, there are twenty-five home-groups, supported by specialist teachers and support teachers who work as a team to deliver a comprehensive curriculum. The school curriculum includes the specialist areas of Science, Spanish and Music, Physical Education, Health and Sport, Library, Visual Arts, ICT and English as an Additional Language (EAL) is also provided. A whole-school Welfare and Discipline policy and Student Engagement Policy has enabled students, teachers and parents to work together in a safe, secure and simulating environment where we can all strive for excellence.


Commencing in 2007, Reservoir West Primary School underwent a complete rebuilding program that has provided a bright and modern architecturally-designed school equipped with facilities and equipment that allow teaching and learning to be flexible, engaging and stimulating. The completed Masterplan consists of four buildings: Library/ICT/Administration/Art Studio, Music/Gymnasium and two classroom wings with flexible learning areas. A large oval, covered basketball courts and assembly areas, extensive playground equipment, considerable areas of synthetic turf and covered areas and 2.4m security fence provide our students with a safe and secure environment. With our recent dramatic increase in enrolments, the school has been provided with seven relocatable buildings housing fourteen classrooms.


The teachers and staff at Reservoir West are dedicated and committed to delivering well-prepared and challenging programs in all domains of the Victorian Curriculum. Programs marked * are conducted by a specialist teacher or professional instructor. Excursions and visiting performers enhance the units of work being studied.


A balance of experienced and younger teachers place an emphasis on providing individualised learning for our students in a team-oriented environment. All staff are committed to continued Professional Learning.



At Reservoir West parents are encouraged to participate in and support their child through:

School Council

Parents and Friends’ Association

Classroom Helpers’ Programs

Assisting in classroom and specialist programs

Fundraising and social opportunities


Sporting teams and excursions

Visiting the school during open sessions

Attending assemblies, special days or activities


Gender-inclusive compulsory school uniform is available from our supplier AGS Prints.

Sunsmart School – School hats are compulsory Terms 1 & 4


School Captains

House Captains and Vice-Captains

Student Representative Council

Office and Admin duties

Prep & 5/6 Buddy System

Buddy Grade System


High level of student supervision in the schoolyard

Student Wellbeing Officer

High expectations for student behaviour

Many staff Level 2 First-Aid trained (Teaching and Non-Teaching)

Whole-school Student Code of Conduct

Guidance Officer/Psychologist/Counsellor

Speech Pathologist

Program for Students with Disabilities   


Parent information sessions

Weekly newsletter

Informative and up-to-date website

Five formal Parent/Teacher Interviews

June and December written Achievement Reports

March and September Progress Reports

Open-door policy with approachable staff and teachers

Regular ‘open school’ opportunities

Please attend one of our Open Sessions or contact the Principal for a personal tour of the school to discuss your child's educational needs.