RWPS eNewsletter Term 1 Week 5


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

On Tuesday, February 20th, I had the pleasure of driving a group of students to and from the Preston District Swimming Carnival. From what I heard it was a great morning and all of our swimmers did a great job, with some having a very successful morning. Any student or relay team that finished first, second or third qualifies for the next round of competition which is the Darebin Division Swimming Carnival at Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre occurring today. Have a read of next week’s Newsletter for the results.

Results from the Preston District Swimming (Tuesday, February 20th) are below:
10             Rian Delahunt 3rd                     James Waters 3rd
11             Olive Clennett 4th                     Bernie Poelsma 4th
12/13       Freya Price 3rd                           Panagiotis Vlahoulis 1st
10              Rian Delahunt 4th                    
11              Olive Clennett 4th                    Josh Gibson 4th
12/13       Freya Price 2nd                         
10              Grace Deady 3rd                     Lucas McGregor 1st
11              Evelyn Jackson-Hugill 4th        James Waters 2nd
12/13        Audrey Miller 3rd                       Panagiotis Vlahoulis 1st
10              Lucy Mourani 3rd
11              Zoe Videan 3rd
12              Elsa Vechhio 2nd
Open Medley
10 Girls - Rian Delahunt, Edie McCarthy, Grace Deady, Lucy Mourani 5th
12/13 Girls - Freya Price, Audrey Miller, Elsa Vecchio, Amelia McNamara 2nd
4x 50m Freestyle
10 Girls - Rian, Grace Deady, Allegra Tyrell, Edie McCarthy 1st    
11 Girls - Olive Clennett, Etta Canzano, Evelyn Jackson-Hugill, Lucy Mourani 4th
12/13 Girls - Freya Price, Audrey Miller, Elsa Vecchio, Amelia McNamara 3rd
10 Boys - James Waters, Quinn Canzano, Ned McCarthy, Eli Delany 4th     

Rex Hickman and a group of RWPS Year 5 students attended Somers Camp from February 6th to 14th. From all reports, it was an amazing camp and our students were exemplary. Thank you to Rex for attending to support our students and other local students from Darebin. Bruce received some wonderful feedback from Corey, the Acting Somers Camp Principal of the Somers Campus. Please see below.

Hello Bruce,

I wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to thank you for supporting Somers School Camp with your network’s recent camp to Somers. Your students are to be commended with the way they represented Reservoir West P.S. over the 9 days. The enthusiasm and wonderful attitudes they demonstrated throughout the program made for a really special community feeling.

And of course, a special thank-you for releasing Rex Hickman to support the students and the program. Not only was your support greatly appreciated, you have really looked after us by sending Rex. He was brilliant - so engaging with the kids. Please pass on our gratitude for all his hard work over the 9 days.

All the best for the remainder of the year and we look forward to seeing your next cohort of students in 2026.

Corey – Acting Somers Camp Principal

I am thrilled to be able to write that our biannual school fete is just around the corner, and this year's event is extra special as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of RWPS opening its doors. Our PFA are hard at work organising the event and it is sure to be a day filled with fun, laughter and festivities for the whole family.

Be sure to mark Saturday, 20th April on your calendar! It is a day to come together as a community to celebrate seven decades of educational excellence, memories, and shared experiences.

I have been privy to the rides, entertainment, food and drinks on offer and it is sure to be amazing!

Please ensure that you read the PFA section of the Newsletter for further details.

Not only are our PFA organising our fete, they have also put together an Easter Raffle.

We're thrilled to share some egg-citing news with you! Our Easter Raffle is back, and this year, the prizes are nothing short of yummy!

Our Easter Raffle prizes are a delicious assortment of goodies that promise to add a touch of sweetness to your day.

Don't miss the chance to win these scrumptious prizes! Purchase your raffle tickets after school on Friday, March 8th and 22nd and cross your fingers for a chance to take home one of the scrumptious prizes. Tickets are 5 for $5.

Further details can be found in the PFA section of the Newsletter.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our incredible PFA for organising a truly successful Hang Around Friday afternoon.

Julia and I were not only honoured to be involved, but we were also immensely proud to witness the vibrant and warm school community that we have here at RWPS.

The sausage sizzle added a sizzle of flavor to the event, and it was heartwarming to see the kids having a play while parent and carers socialised, forming connections that strengthen the bonds within our school community.

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event a success – PFA, volunteers and all families who attended. Your enthusiasm and support are the driving forces behind our vibrant community.

Looking forward to more wonderful afternoons together in the future!

I heard a whisper that Bruce was very disappointed that he wasn’t able to cook the snags. However, he was very grateful for the volunteers that stepped in to help out. Just after 5pm, he messaged to find out how the afternoon went and the PFA were very happy to inform him that it was a huge success and we were sold out by 4.32 pm, a new record!

I cannot stress enough the importance of students, parents/carers and all family members adhering to the road rules, observing the parking restrictions, using the school crossing, and using the Kiss n Go areas calmly and safely at all times, even in cases of running late.

On Monday, I witnessed a student attempting to cross Carrington Road, not using the school crossing. Luckily, I was present and directed the child to the crossing where he crossed safely.

Please continually remind your child/children about safety if they are riding or walking to and from school independently or with you or another family member.

I have also had reports that traffic at Arbor Ave and Academy Ave at drop off and pick up is chaotic. Please remember that there is NO ENTRY to Alamo Ave from 8.00 am to 9.30 am and from 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm.

Let's work together to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Clean Up Australia Day is held on the first Sunday of March every year and encourages people to clean up their local areas. This year it is recognised on Sunday, March 3rd.

School Clean Up Day is held on Friday, March 1st and is a great way to inspire students to learn about the impact of rubbish on their local environment while playing an active role in their community.

Teachers have organised various activities to recognise Clean Up Australia Day including discussions, lessons or a yard clean up.

Friday, 1st March is World Compliment Day. Be sure to give extra compliments to others on Friday!

Mrs Barb Balliro
Acting Principal 

Teaching and Learning Report

Please have a read of the information below to find out about our Home Reading program and the Word Sense Word Lists for Foundation – Year Two.

Year 3 to Year 6 Students
Most students will select ‘Just Right’ books using the five-finger rule (from home or school) that capture their interest to read. Students will be supported and taught how to choose these books. Students will keep a record of books read. See How to Choose the Perfect Books with The Five Finger Rule | Reading Eggs | (FREE Trial) - YouTube for more information.

A select few students may be provided with alternative books chosen in collaboration with their teacher according to their phonic needs.

Foundation, Year 1 and many Year 2 Students
Most junior school students are using Decodable Readers Australia for home reading.

On a Monday, each student will be given 2 books for the week. These books will be any books within the level in which the child is reading in the classroom. Books may not match other students in the class or be in sequential order and could be fiction or non-fiction. These books will be dated in the child’s reading log, located in the small home reading book in their red reader satchel. At the end of the week, these will need to be signed by parents/carers to say the books have been read. Each day the 2 books that will be sent home, will also be used in the classroom for Paired Reading sessions. This is why it is essential for red reader satchels with books inside to come back to school, daily. If a child does not have their red reader satchel this means they will not have the necessary books required for Paired Reading at school.

Home activities that can be completed throughout the week with allocated book/s include:

  • Going through focus sounds, sight words and vocabulary outlined at the start of the book/s
  • Reading the text together and asking the comprehension questions found at the end of the book/s
  • The child having a go at reading the book/s to an adult and the adult supports their attempts as they read

Students will also have access to the Decodable Readers Australia online subscription and all books for all levels will be unlocked. It is highly encouraged that students explore the lessons, songs and books on the subscription, at their own leisure for further consolidation and extension. Reading Eggs is also another online platform that is available for all our students to explore at home and at school to support reading. Login details for the Reading Eggs platform and Decodable Readers Australia platform can be found in students’ red satchels.

Why decodable readers?
Decodable texts are for early readers as they are developing their blending and segmenting skills and their knowledge of the alphabetic code. Their purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to practise what has been taught during our systematic phonics-based program. Decodable texts support students as they practise blending the letter-sounds they have been taught through words, in continuous meaningful text. As a school we have chosen to use decodable texts, over predictable texts structures (repetitive text which encourages children to look at the picture, use their knowledge of sight words and other strategies to guess the text) for our beginning readers. Evidence-based research has shown that decodable texts lead to improved reading skills.

Once students can read texts from the Decodable Readers Australia’s 8 levels, they will then move to existing higher-level texts that we have previously utilised from the Reading Room in the Milburn Wing or Morton Wing. By the end of Level 8 in Decodable Readers Australia, it is thought that they have ‘cracked the code’.

Previously, Foundation – Year 2 students were provided with Magic Words and Tricky Words as words to practise at home to consolidate their learning of what was taught in the classroom. These word lists contain ‘high-frequency words’, words that make up a high proportion of the texts that children are reading.

The focus was for students to be able to memorise these words so they became ‘sight’ words, i.e. automatically recognised, without effort. Words become sight words because of the number of times we see or write them, first learning to decode and encode the words. All words, regular and irregular, become sight words for competent readers.

Increasing students’ sight word vocabulary remains the purpose for focusing on high-frequency words, and our Word Sense List replaces the Magic Words and Tricky Words. The Word Sense List integrates high-frequency words from the Decodable Readers Australia levels, Tricky Words from our Jolly Phonics program and any other words from the Magic 300 list that have not been included in the Decodable Readers Australia levels or Tricky Words. The words have been placed in a specific sequence.

Students will be provided with sets of words from the Word Sense List that are in their classroom program to enable parents to help consolidate learning at home.

We ask parents to reinforce these words using a letter-sound approach as many words are easily decodable because they follow a regular spelling pattern. For example, ‘at, on, and’. Others are a little tricky as they have irregular spelling patterns. For example, ‘the, are, come’. For words that follow irregular spelling patterns, it is important to deconstruct the word by discussing the regular letter-sounds in the word and the irregular patterns. Using a multisensory approach to reinforce these words is also important. For example, writing words in flour or foam, playing word Hopscotch or constructing the words in magnetic letters etc. With enough practice, all words can become ‘sight’ words.

Word Sense words are common words that we teach in the classroom. They also need to be practised regularly at home and will be checked every few weeks. Once all words have been signed off as learned by parents/carers, a new set/sheet will be added.

Foundation – Year 2 Parent Reader Helper Workshops
I extend my deepest gratitude to all the wonderful attendees who made our recent Parent Reader Helper Workshops a resounding success!

Your presence and active participation contributed immensely to the positive and engaging atmosphere during the workshops. It was truly heartening to see so many parents dedicating their time to volunteering to help students learn to read, further emphasising the importance of collaboration between home and school.

Mrs Barb Balliro
Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning 

2024 Parent Consent Form

Parents are asked to provide consent for this year's local excursions, publication of student work or images, watching of PG rated DVDs or movies and student data being used in online software.

Please visit Compass Events to complete this consent form for your children by Friday 1st March 2024.
If you have more than one child at the school, please provide consent individually.


During this year your child may be involved in local excursions. These may take the form of neighbourhood walks, visits to local places of interest, picnics at Edwardes Lake etc. These excursions will involve a relatively short walk.

Students in senior grades may also be involved in inter-school sport which entails after-school training sessions, walks to local sporting venues or short bus trips to neighbouring schools. Parents will be informed of any local excursions, training sessions and, when available, sporting fixtures will be included in the Compass calendar and our school website calendar.



To document and promote the excellent work of students at Reservoir West Primary School, photographs, digital images or schoolwork of your child may be selected for publication for educational purposes in the following:

  • Reservoir West Primary School eNewsletters
  • Reservoir West Primary School website
  • Local or daily newspapers
  • Student magazines



At times students may watch a movie as part of a unit of work or as a recreational activity at the end of a term or on a wet/hot day when students are kept inside. On occasions, these movies may be rated PG, where parental guidance is recommended. To avoid sending a note home every time this occurs, please give consent. Please be assured that only movies deemed suitable by the class teacher, year level co-ordinator and Principal will be selected. No pirated copies of newly released movies will be shown.

Students in the Junior School (Foundation – 2) will only be shown G-rated movies.



To use technologies for student work, assessment and administration, a variety of online software is being utilised at Reservoir West Primary School.

We have assessed the value and security of this software with guidance from the Department of Education and Training. Our staff are trained in and are aware of how to use the software appropriately, and how to help your child use it safely. Where possible, Reservoir West has elected for all data to be stored within Australia and where appropriate, uploaded minimal personal data.


The following software is used at Reservoir West:

  • ACER (PAT Online)
    • online educational assessment and reporting tools
  • Class Creator
    • to streamline student placement processes. Information about students is collected from teachers via an online survey, such as student behaviour, academic ability, and any supports individual students might need
  • Compass
    • manages student enrolment, monitoring and reporting on their attendance, reporting on academic progress and many other daily tasks that schools must undertake. Compass allows schools to create a profile for each student and keep records associated with that student throughout their time at the school. It also allows the school to communicate with parents and allows parents to access up-to-date information about their child’s learning
  • Decodable Readers Australia
    • online resource library. It also provides learning videos for Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, and printable resources.
  • DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) DATA SYSTEM
    • online software for literacy assessment to be analysed, allowing a whole school approach to summative and formative assessment
  • Essential Assessment
    • online numeracy and literacy learning and assessment program. It delivers a whole school approach to summative and formative assessment, aligned to the Victorian curriculum
  • Google Workspace for Education
    • a suite of digital tools which will be used for delivering curriculum. It provides a centralised platform for staff and students to create, store, collaborate on and share schoolwork and related content
  • Oliver
    • a library management system used to borrow and track physical and digital resources, and send parents notification of overdue books
  • Reading Eggs
    • early childhood online literacy program. It provides 24/7 access to online reading lessons, activities and books
  • Seesaw
    • a digital portfolio platform used to deliver and assess components of the curriculum and engage parents in their child’s school work. It allows students to use creative tools to do things such as draw, take pictures and record videos to capture learning in their portfolio, teachers to set and assess assignments for their students and parents can monitor their child’s learning and assessment
  • QuickSmart
    • online numeracy learning and assessment program used in our senior school intervention program
  • Times Tables Rock Stars
    • online numeracy learning platform used in our senior school program that allows students to practise their times tables through a variety of fun activities and challenges
  • EPIC Reading
    • online reading platform that provides access to digital books, videos, read-along and read-aloud books, used in our senior school. It provides access from 9am-3pm daily, with an optional at-home account available (additional charges apply)
  • Canva
    • online graphic design platform that is utilised to create a variety of presentations, posters, videos and other learning tools


Please note that some of the Privacy Impact Assessments for the use of software listed above are currently under review with the Privacy Officer at the Department of Education and will be made available on our school website once approved.


Please note that by providing consent to this event you are consenting to all items above for 2024. If you wish to discuss any of the items above or opt-out of consenting for one or more of the above items, please contact the school.

Students of the Week

Congratulations to all of the students that are recieving a Student of the Week award!






Hunter Lovett




Harvey Waters




Archie Fitzpatrick




Sasha Beaton




Harry Oliver




Hector Matthews

Respect and Responsibility

LA 8


Lucas Macgregor

Wisdom and Success


Prep B

Liam Dullaghan



Prep D

Jonah Coverdale 

Respect & Success 


Prep V

Indigo Moore



Prep H

Freddie Bridges




Rohan Sharma




Isabella Myers




Walter Skinner




Lola Asgautsen-Roberts




Tomas Musani




Katia Morelli




Tahlia Phelps




Maya Wollin




Harper Kirkwood




Archer Plutino




Aleen Alharbi




Ayesha O’Dwyer




Ben Cox

Success and Responsibility 



Grace Farmer



Sophie Henriksson

Success and Responsibility


Mila Wursthorn



Gabrielle Butijn



Levi Asgautsen-Roberts



Jaida Abbas



Wisdom & Success


Ruby Pfeiffer



Jack Grenfell

Responsibility & Success


Fox Stohr



Amina Ntolaza

Respect and Success

Group photo of last week's SOTW recipients!

Week 4 Golden Ticket winners!

RWPS FETE: 70 Years


The PFA is organising the Fete, you are most welcome to join the PFA by emailing Zayna at

Without volunteers on the day the Fete would not be possible. Please check out the following link and find a stall and time that suits you. 

To be book a stall at the fete contact Rosalyn and she will be able to provide you with all the details as well as a booking form.  

To become a Fete Sponsor contact Zayna and she will be able to provide you with all the options available to you. Fete sponsorship options come in Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the hope that the difference financial commitment enables many of our community business to support the Fete and our school.  


Closer to the Fete date the school will ask for dessert items to be sold at our school cake stall. If you are a star baker in the kitchen keep some time free in the days leading up to the Fete and make sure your creations are on the cake stall table. 


The unlimited wristbands are NOW AVAILABLE to purchase for your child/children. The cost of the wristband if purchased before 14 April is $35 per child. If purchased after this date or on the day of the fete the cost is $40 per child. 

Ticket sales begin: Friday 1 March – 9am
Ticket Sales End: Sunday 14 April – 11.45pm
Distribution of Wristbands: Week beginning 15 April (There is no pick up of pre sold wristbands on the day of the fete) 

No refunds unless the event is cancelled

The rides include 
Meltdown - Suitable for 7 year plus 
Maze runner - Suitable for 3 years plus 
Chair O Plane - Suitable for 3 to 12 years 
Mini Ferris Wheel - Suitable for 4 to 12 years 
Ninja Wall - All ages 
Native Animal Petting - All ages 

Wristbands can be purchased via this link 

Follow and share our social media pages to spread the word! 
Instagram - @rwpsfete 
Facebook Reservoir West Primary School Fete - 

This is a video link to our last Fete to give you an idea of how epic our school fete is 

PFA News

Hello School Community,

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and attended the Hang Around Friday BBQ. We are always so thrilled to see so many parents/guardians staying back and socialising while their children play with their peers. We sold out of sausages by 4:30pm which is a wonderful result. We will be able to confirm what we raised from this event in next week's newsletter. 

Upcoming Events

Easter Raffle - Friday 8 and 22 March 
We will have Easter Raffle tickets on sale on Friday 8 and Friday 22 March at the stage area between 3:30 and 4pm. We are selling 5 tickets for $5. The hampers are still being built however we assure you there will be some wonderful prizes to win. The raffle winners will be drawn on the last day of term.  

If you would like to donate to the Easter Raffle, please email Zayna at . We are accepting chocolate or voucher donations from local businesses. 

The School Fete – Saturday 20 April
This is an exciting event for the school. We would love to have the support of as many parents as possible. If you would like to volunteer for a key role at the Fete, please do so via this link If you would like further information about a specific role please email Zayna at

We are looking to engage as many business sponsors as possible for the Fete. If your business would like some more information about this, please email Zayna and she will send you all the sponsorship options.

Ride Wristbands for The Fete - On Sale Friday 1 March 
The unlimited wristbands are available to purchase for your child/children. The cost of the wristband if purchased before 14 April is $35 per child. If purchased after this date or on the day of the fete the cost is $40 per child.  

Ticket sales begin: Friday 1 March – 9am
Ticket Sales End: Sunday 14 April – 11.45pm
Distribution of Wristbands: Week beginning 15 April (There is no pick up of pre sold wristbands on the day of the fete) 

No refunds unless the event is cancelled

The rides include 

  1. Meltdown - Suitable for 7 year plus 
  2. Maze runner - Suitable for 3 years plus 
  3. Chair O Plane - Suitable for 3 to 12 years 
  4. Mini Ferris Wheel - Suitable for 4 to 12 years 
  5. Ninja Wall - All ages 
  6. Native Animal Petting - All ages 

Wristbands can be purchased via this link

Thank you for following along and your ongoing support! Have a wonderful week. 

Warmest regards
Zayna and the PFA team

Grade 3 and 4 Literacy

During literacy this week, the Year 3 and Year 4 students have been reading with a partner. They have been working on their fluency by reading with expression. Before, during and after reading, the students have been asking their partner questions to ensure they are understanding what they read.

Library News

Dr Seuss Day March 2nd

Saturday 2nd of March celebrates Dr Seuss Day.  What a great opportunity to celebrate at Reservoir West and share some of his amazing and popular children's books, which are known for their nonsense words, playful rhymes, and unusual creatures.

Next week, on Monday 4th and Thursday 7th March, during lunchtime at 1:40 – 2:00 pm in the library, we will have story time and activities of Dr Seuss’ books to celebrate his day.

So come into the library and enjoy the wonderful world of Dr Seuss.

Flora Kossivas

National Ride2School Day

Reservoir West Primary is taking part in the National Ride2School Day which is on Friday March 22nd 2024. Let’s see if we can make a huge effort and ride our bikes, scooters or skateboards to school on that day. 

Always remember the safety rules when riding:

  • Always wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet to protect your head – every time you ride.
  • Use a bicycle that is the appropriate size for you, not one that is too big
  • Before you ride make sure you don’t have any loose clothing, drawstrings, or shoelaces; they can get caught in your chain and make you fall
  • Have an adult check the air in your tyres and that your brakes are working before you ride
  • Have fun!

Kind Regards,
Flora Kossivas


Dear RWPS,

We are super excited to announce that Reservoir West Primary School has been selected to be part of the TC Titans!
At TheirCare, we are always looking for new ways to offer exceptional programs for the children in our care and added value for our families.

What you need to know:
The TC Titans is a completely free extra-curricular program developed in-house at TheirCare by expert coaches!
The Multi-Sport program is run during the after-school sessions between 4pm-5pm.

New Exciting Program:
Soccer: 5-week program
Wednesday: 4.00pm-5.00pm
Term 1: Weeks 5 to 9 (Starting Wednesday 28th February)

The TC Titans is a fantastic opportunity for children to try new things, learn new skills and have heaps of fun along the way!



Please take a look at what is happening this year at RWPS.

2024 Calendar

Follow our live updates on our Compass calendar.