RWPS eNewsletter Term 2 Week 3


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

As you may know, five staff members and I travelled to Brisbane last week to visit three school with which John Fleming has been working in recent years.

On Monday we spent the day at Acacia Ridge Public School and had the opportunity to observe teachers displaying the students’ speed of response during maths and reading warm-ups. We also had the opportunity to meet with the Principal and school leaders to discuss their progress using the explicit instruction model and how they had implemented it. Acacia Ridge has been using the model for the same time as our school, but had not introduced as many aspects as we have, however, the students’ speed of response was very impressive.

On Tuesday we visited Sunnybank Hills Public School which is an absolute behemoth of a school and has been one of, if not the highest-performing, the top Queensland schools for many years. It has over 1700 students, 71 classes and facilities that are out-of-this world. John has been working with this school for over a decade and the achievement of the students and the high expectations displayed by the teachers was awesome. Once again, the day was set up for us to observe the very best of their teachers in action. We saw warm-ups, daily writing lessons, reading sessions, maths lessons and more. We also had the opportunity to meet with their leadership team to discuss how they operate and also were able to do a presentation on the Reservoir West journey so far. I had the opportunity to provide feedback to the whole staff on our impressions of the school at the staff meeting after school. Their staff is so large that meetings have to be held in their performing arts theatre (what government school has a performing arts theatre???).

On Wednesday we spent the day at Beenleigh Public School; a school that could be termed as ‘disadvantaged’ because of the demographics of the community. However, Beenleigh is well-and-truly punching above its weight because of the implementation of explicit instruction. We observed teachers from across the school delivering explicit instruction in literacy and numeracy and it was clearly evident how this has transformed the school from one in which there was significant behavioural and social problems, to a really successful school.

The main things that we learnt from the experience in Brisbane were:

  • Reservoir West is very well-placed to move from a ‘good’ to a ‘great’ school
  • the consistency across the three schools was plain to see in
    • the instructional model
    • the language and terms used in the classrooms by teachers and students
    • the classroom displays
  • the ‘ooomph’ with which the teachers delivered the learning
  • the ‘ooomph’ with which the students responded to the teachers
  • the engagement of the students in their learning
  • the fun that was built into the learning by the teachers’ personalities
  • the sharing of best practice within and across schools, with teachers given frequent opportunities to observe colleagues
  • by getting the teaching and learning 'right', with the students experiencing success academically, behaviour issues were significantly reduced

Having John spend the day at Reservoir West on Monday was most timely. See Barb’s Teaching & Learning Report.


Liz Meade, our current Year 1 teacher in LA18, has made the decision to resign from her duties at Reservoir West Primary School. Her last day with us will be Thursday, 9th May. We are grateful for all the contributions that Liz has made during her time here with us, both as a staff member and the positive impact she has made to the students within her grade.
I am pleased to inform you that we have appointed a new teacher, Keryn Heenan, who will be commencing with us on Friday 10th May. Keryn is an experienced teacher who radiates excitement and a love for teaching and we cannot wait for you to meet her.
This news was shared with the LA18 families earlier today.Please join us in thanking Liz for her time spent at RWPS, sending best wishes for her future endeavours.

Arlia Hickman commences Family Leave on Monday 6th May, in preparation for the arrival of her second bub. We wish Arlia and Rex all the best for the safe arrival of ‘little Brucie’ in a few weeks’ time.

Olivia Ryan and Mulynda Blease are returning from Family Leave and we welcome them back. They will be sharing Arlia’s PE role.

Kelly Mitchell will commence Family Leave at the beginning of Term 3 and we wish her and Jake all the best with the arrival of ‘little Brucie II’.

We welcome back Olivia Ryan, Mulynda Blease and Bianca Wickham during Term 2 in part-time roles and Jen Barnes at the start of Term 3.

This is a timeline of the staffing changes will be occurring during Term 2 and early in Term 3:

Thursday 18th April
Emily Wellington taking Term 2 as Long service Leave - Emma Dunlop taking her Support classes on Thursdays and Fridays for the term

Monday 29th April
Adie Hasan replacing Jacinta Simpson, taking Science lessons on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Monday 6th May
Arlia Hickman commences Family Leave in preparation for the arrival of her second bub. Her PE lessons will be taken by

  • Anne Watson – Casual Relief Teacher (Mon & Tues) until we welcome back Mulynda Blease from Family Leave in the second- last week of Term 2
  • Welcome back Olivia Ryan (Wed & Thurs) from Family Leave 
Thursday 9th May
Liz Meade finishes up as classroom teacher in Year 1 LA18. Keryn Heenan commences on the Friday as classroom teacher for the remainder of the year

Monday 3rd June
Rex Hickman commences four-week paternity leave – replacement yet to be determined

Monday 15th July (first day Term 3)
  • Kelly Mitchell commences Family Leave – Welcome back Jen Barnes returning from Family Leave on Fridays to co-ordinate the DigiTech program across the school. The replacement teacher for the DigiTech lessons is yet to be determined, but will be covered internally by our part-time teachers.
  • Kellie McQuestin and Jo Toman will continue their four-day/one-day roles in Year 3 LA23
  • Ally Kropf will continue her two-day class sharing with Amber Mahony in Year 2, LA28 for the remainder of the year
  • Kelly Wild will continue her three-day class sharing with Flora Kossivas in Year 4, LA8 for the reminder of the year
As you can see, this year's staffing is quite tricky, but we always get there!


Our weekly SOTW awards are given to students for displaying the RWPS values of Respect/Responsibility, Wisdom, Persistence and Success. Please see The Student of the Week item for this week’s recipients and the photo of last week’s winners.

Because we are holding a whole-school assembly this week (3.00 pm), the students who receive the SOTW awards will be presented with their certificates in their classrooms at 2.50 pm this week, apart from the Foundation students who will be presented with theirs near their dots at the same time. Parents are invited to come along to 5MoF.

The following classes have specialist lessons during the last hour this Friday, so here is where you will find them:

  • 3W Art Room
  • 2B Spanish/Music Room
  • 4W STEAM Room – Milburn Wing

After assembly this week all SOTW recipients and Good Behaviour draw winners to stay behind for a photo for the next week’s Newsletter.


Stella and Mac, our school captains, represented the school at the Reservoir RSL Dawn ceremony last Thursday, reading the poem ‘Not A Hero’. I was very proud of them


From May 2024, our school, along with thousands of others across the country, will participate in the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).

The AEDC is a teacher-completed census (similar to a questionnaire) which provides a comprehensive picture of how children have developed by the time they start their first year of full-time school.

The AEDC is an Australian Government Initiative and is completed nationally every three years. Children don’t miss any class time while the AEDC is completed, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information.

The data collected through the AEDC is used by schools, communities and governments to better

understand children and families’ needs, and identify the services, resources and support they need.

AEDC data is reported at a school, community, state/territory and national level. AEDC results for individual children are not reported and the AEDC is not used as an individual diagnostic tool.

Some teachers have found that completing the AEDC made them more aware of the needs of individual children and their class, and that the data was useful for planning for transitions to Year 1 and developing programs.

Participation in the AEDC is voluntary, however the AEDC relies on all schools with children in their first year of full-time school participating in the collection. Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census.

To find out more about the AEDC and how it is being used to help children and families visit:

If you have any questions, you can contact the school.




Teaching and Learning

The aim of the RWPS Mathematics program at RWPS is to prioritise individualised learning, shifting from traditional year-level instruction to dynamic teaching based on continuous student data analysis. With support and collaboration from our Maths Explicit Instruction Leader (Melinda Vangelista), the RWPS overarching goal is to inspire, challenge, and foster a love of Mathematics, cultivating each student into enthusiastic and proficient mathematicians.

The planning, assessing and reporting of Maths in each year level is a whole-team effort with the ongoing assistance and support of Melinda.

Please see below for the structure of a Maths lesson:

I am delighted to share with you the enriching experience we had during John Fleming’s recent visit to our school. As many of you may know, John is an esteemed educational consultant whose expertise in fostering effective teaching methodologies is highly regarded in the field. John has been working with Reservoir West Primary School since 2022. He is helping to embed research-based teaching and learning practices in all classrooms and is working closely with our leadership team and teachers.

During his visit on Monday, John had the opportunity to observe our teachers in action, focusing on key areas such as Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. We are thrilled to report that his feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the impressive strides our school has made in incorporating his model into our curriculum. His observations were focused on Speed of Response and High Expectations.

John commended the high expectations set by our educators. Setting the bar high is crucial for nurturing academic excellence, and our teachers have consistently risen to the challenge. Their unwavering belief in the potential of every student was palpable during John's visit, reaffirming our commitment to fostering a culture of achievement and growth.

I am immensely proud of the progress we have made in implementing John's model, and we are deeply grateful for his invaluable guidance and support along the way. His visit served as a powerful reminder of the impact that effective teaching practices can have on student outcomes, and we are excited to continue building upon this foundation of success.

John also conducted a parent/carer session on Monday evening, which saw an excellent turnout from our school community. During this session, he offered insight into his background, professional experience, and the components of the John Fleming Effective Teaching Model that we have integrated into our curriculum.

Attendees learned about the various facets of John's model and how they are applied within our school. John emphasised that our school stands out as a leader in implementing his model, surpassing many others he has worked with. He expressed admiration for the quality of education offered at RWPS and commended the enthusiasm demonstrated by both our teachers and students alike.

I invite you to peruse the photos of learning taken at the end of Term 1 and during John’s visit on Monday, capturing moments of engagement, learning, and collaboration in our classrooms. These snapshots serve as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic learning environment we strive to cultivate each day.

Parents and caregivers are warmly invited to visit their child’s classroom on Thursday, May 9th, from 9:15 to 10:00 a.m. This will be an opportunity for you to observe and even participate in the learning activities happening in the classroom. Whenever feasible, we have requested that teachers conduct a mathematics lesson during this time so that parents can experience a diverse range of learning areas firsthand. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the educational journey with you.

This year, Education Week runs from Monday, 13th May to Friday, 17th May. The theme, Spotlight on STEM, celebrates the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our everyday lives, in the classroom and beyond.

Reservoir West PS will be celebrating Education Week by conducting a STEM focused cross-age session on Friday, 17th May. During the last session, classes will work together and participate in STEM related activities. It is always lovely to see two classes from different year levels come together and support each other in learning. These sessions foster academic, social and emotional development!

To find out more about Education Week 2024, visit

Mrs Barb Balliro, Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning 


Congratulations to all of the students that are receiving a Student of the Week award!



Hazel Sellars




Henry Moore




Serena Nair




Leon Paskoski




Emelyn Luvara




Harry Alabakis


LA 8


Charbel Bourizk



Prep B

Kirra Tagnipez



Prep D

Gaby Singer 

Respect & Success 


Prep V

Abigail McGowan



Prep H

Daisy Hawksley-Burrow




Noah Semaan




Bonnie Savio

Respect & Responsible



Celeste Jiang

Respect & Responsible



Charlie Cox




Suleyman Abdi




Avril Gomez Atencio




Jayden Lam




Sofia Binakis




Ziva Mane




Caoimhe McGuigan




Ryder Duckworth-Myers




Sofia Campagna




Amber Xu




Flynn Dodds



Bonnie Low



Hamza Bare

Success & Persistence


Charlie Cox



Lucas McGregor

Responsibility & Wisdom


Mac Swinnerton

Stella Halge-Adams




Avril Gomez Atencio

Persistence and Responsibility


Group photo of last week's SOTW recipients!

Week 2 Golden Ticket winners!


Our school proudly partners with Talking the Talk (TTT) Healthy Sexuality Education by subscribing to their Virtual Classroom resource. The partnership between RWPS and TTT aims to achieve a best practice, whole school approach, to sexuality, consent and respectful relationships education for children.  This is your reminder to educate yourself and keep up the conversations with your children.

Access the Talking The Talk Virtual Classroom parent platform:

This month’s free resource link(s): Gender stereotypes and a special note to fathers and male identifying carers:

Friday, May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersex Discrimination & Transphobia (IDAHOBIT). On this day students are welcome to go rainbow to create awareness, inclusion and visibility. It is a great opportunity for us to show our support for LGBTQIA+ community, and to revisit important discussions around embracing and respecting diversity and bias-based bullying. 

IDAHOBIT provides a moment for students to pause and reflect, share and discuss the diversity that they already engage with – in their school, families and broader community.

IDAHOBIT also provides an opportunity to encourage children and young people to reflect on their own assumptions about themselves and others - especially in relation to gender roles and stereotypes. This link shows one way to encourage this kind of reflection or discussion.

Finally, IDAHOBIT provides an opportunity to build understanding and knowledge about inequality and the processes that lead to discrimination and exclusion.

For resources appropriate for primary school students please refer to the list below:

  • Prevention of bias-based bullying.
  • Embracing family diversity
    • Poster: The Rainbow Families Victoria poster 'Who's In Your Family' is a great way to start conversations with children around family diversity, including: single parents, same-sex couples, step-families, extended families and foster families.
    • Books:
      • Read the book My House by Brenna and Vicki Harding 
      • Read the book The Rainbow Cubby House by Brenna and Vicki Harding 
      • View a reading of Introducing Teddyby Jessica Walton
      • Watch the story Sometimes You’re a Caterpillar and have a discussion about differences and acceptance.
      • Watch Like a GirlWhat can you say to people if you hear them say this? 

Please update your child’s attendance on Compass if they are away. We have many unexplained absences within the last three weeks. If you have any queries around the recording of absences or need support with the process, please reach out to the classroom teacher, Kane, Rebekah or the school office. It is very easy to use once you are shown the process.


Event Date


12 May

International Nurses Day

15 May

International Families Day

17 May

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT)

13 – 19 May

National Families Week

20 - 26 May

National Volunteer Week

24 May

World Schizophrenia Awareness Day

26 May

National Sorry Day

27 May - 3 June

Reconciliation Week (Now More Than Ever)

1 June

Global Day of Parents

3 June

Mabo Day

5 June

World Environment Day

20 June

World Refugee Day - United Nations

21 June

World Music Day

PFA News

Hello School Community,

Thank you for the overwhelming positive messages we have received about our School Fete on Saturday 20 April. Our goal as the PFA is to strengthen our community bond and spirit while fundraising for our wonderful students and school. We believe the Fete achieved that and we are so pleased. 

The Fete was months of work in the lead up and required over 60 volunteers on the day to ensure all areas ran smoothly. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to organising the event, volunteering on the day (special thanks to those parents and teachers that volunteered over multiple shifts) and those that attended and supported the event. 

I would like to take a moment to make some special thank-yous:

Rosalyn, Leah, Rachele, Bridget and Lauren - without the commitment of  these five mothers in the lead up to the event and on the day, the fete would not have been possible. Each of them are invaluable to the success of all the events the PFA coordinates during the year. 

Julia, Barb and Bruce - you each played a massive role in the Fete, thank you for your support which we understand is in addition to your usual workload and responsibilities. 

Joyce, Sonia and Jo - your work load before, on the day and after the Fete is increased significantly. We appreciate the time and support you offer the PFA to ensure a successful event. 

Dave - you supported Rosalyn in the organisation of the bar and everything that came with that. The revenue from that area was outstanding and we appreciate all that you organised and provided. 

Entertainment - thank you for keeping our patrons entertained, the students and adults all did a wonderful job. We have so much outstanding talent within our student cohort and school community. 

Sponsors - we had 11 wonderful business sponsors support the Fete this year. As a school community please support them back should you require any of their services. 

Next week we will share images captured on the day of the fete and we should be able to confirm what the Fete raised and communicate what those funds will be used for. Keep your eyes peeled on next week's newsletter. 

As a PFA we are always looking to learn and improve year on year. If you have any constructive feedback from the Fete please do not hesitate to email it to 

Upcoming Events 

Mothers and Special Persons Day Stall - Friday 10th May
We love seeing all the excited faces on this day. The eagerness our students show in selecting the perfect gift for their someone special is truly beautiful. If you would like to be there on the day to assist students in making their selections please volunteer using this link. 

Hang Around Friday - Friday 24th May
This has become a school community favourite. We will serve BBQ sausages and veggie burgers in the school yard from 3.30pm. Students will be able to play with their peers while parents/guardians are able to socialize. All sausages are beef and halal. This event is CASH ONLY. No card facilities will be available. If you would like to volunteer for this event please use this link 

Thank you for following along and your ongoing support! 

Warmest regards,
Zayna and the PFA team.


Hi Families,

We are still in the process of liaising with the DE regarding our capacity increase, and we will update you with any news when we can.

A friendly reminder to please ensure your bookings are kept up to date. If your child is going to be away, you can easily cancel the session through our website, or by calling the service on 0417007527. It is vital that you update us on any absences for after care to ensure a smooth process at the start of each session.

Kind regards,

TheirCare Team.



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