RWPS eNewsletter Term 2 Week 7


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers, and Students,

Welcome to Week 7 of our 11-week term! This week holds special significance as we celebrate National Reconciliation Week, which runs from May 27th to June 3rd. This year's theme, "NOW MORE THAN EVER," calls on all of us to engage actively in reconciliation efforts and strengthen relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

RWPS Recognition
Our students are participating in a range of activities throughout this week to learn about the significance of these events for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community. Our students are leaders of the future, so it is crucial to teach this generation about the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories. By fostering understanding and respect, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and empathy needed to contribute to a more inclusive and reconciled Australia.

This Friday, May 31st, representatives from the Deadly Club, along with Kane Richardson and Sonya Hunt (Koorie Education Support Officer), will be hosting a special presentation at assembly. Please remember that assembly starts at 2:50 pm.

Community Engagement
A big thank you to everyone who attended and supported our recent Hang Around Friday afternoon. It was wonderful to see our school community come together to socialise and raise money for our school. Special thanks go to our PFA and the many parent, carer, and staff volunteers who made the event such a success.

Open Session and School Tour
Please note that we have an Open Session on Monday, June 3rd. Parents and carers are welcome to join their child’s class from 9:10 am to 10:00 am to participate in learning activities. During this time, we will also be conducting a school tour for prospective families interested in enrolling.

Some Important Dates to Remember

  • King’s Birthday Public Holiday: Monday, June 10th is a Public Holiday. No school.
  • Pupil Free Day: Tuesday, June 11th is a Pupil Free Day. Teachers will be busy preparing Semester One Academic Reports and Term 2 Effort and Behaviour Progress Reports. Students do not attend school on this day.

Their Care will be available.

  • Classroom Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences: Wednesday, June 26th. Students do not attend school on this day but are marked present when they attend the conferences with their parents/carers. Families with specific students who have SSGs scheduled prior to this date, do not need to book a conference on this day, and these specific students will be marked present. Families in 1P are having their PST Conferences on the Tuesday. Therefore, these students will also be marked present based on their conference attendance.

Their Care will be available on this day.

Details on how to book your Parent/Student/Teacher Conference are provided later in this week’s Newsletter. These conferences are crucial as they offer a comprehensive overview of your child’s progress and highlight areas for continued growth in Semester Two. Please ensure that you make a booking.

On a different note, parents and carers, please remind your children if they ride their bikes or scooters to and from school that they need to ensure that they don’t ride on school grounds; rather, they should walk their bike/scooter.

Next week, on Thursday and Friday, Bruce, Julia, and I are attending the Yarra Darebin Principal Conference. Flora Kossivas (Thursday) and Robyn Griffin (Friday) will be taking on the role of Acting Principal on these two days.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kindest regards,

Barb Balliro
Acting Principal. 

Parent Student Teacher Conferences

Here at Reservoir West, we advocate for students being engaged and empowered in their learning. As a result, we have Parent, Student and Teacher conferences (PSTC). In 2024, we are asking all students to attend these conferences with their parents/guardians. It is a way to foster a collaborative effort towards student progress, a reflective opportunity for students to speak to their own learning and their needs moving forward. This is also a chance for students to do some goal-setting and to be accountable to themselves and to the adults in their lives.


Tuesday 25th June
Specialist Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Tuesday, 25th June 3.45 – 6.00pm.
These conferences are by request of parents, if you wish to speak to Specialist teachers. Bookings will open on Wednesday 12th June at 4.00 pm and close on Friday, 21st June at 4.00 pm. These meetings will be taking place in the Library. Specialist Conferences will be 5 minutes in duration, please ensure you are prompt with your arrival and considerate of the 5-minute limit as teachers will aim to adhere to the booking schedule.


  • PE - Amanda Solakidis will be available. Olivia Ryan, Anne Watson, Kylie Garlick and Kahli Heraud will not be available.
  • Spanish/Music - Tash Vargas and Jorge Leiva will both be available.
  • Art - Daniela Conte and Jorge Leiva will both be available.
  • Library - Flora Kossivas will be available. Kahli Heraud and Katherine Nikolakoudis will not be available.
  • Science - Adie Hasan will be available.
  • Digital Technologies - Kelly Mitchell will be available.


Support Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Tuesday, 25th June 3.45 – 6.00pm.
Support teachers will be available to meet with families for students who attend their sessions. If interested, families are asked to contact the following support teachers directly, to organise a 10-minute conference.



1P Classroom Conferences
The Semester 1 conferences for 1P will be held on Tuesday 25th June, 2024. This is the same day as the Specialist conferences. If you wish to see the specialist teachers, as well as Ms Danie Palermo, please ensure that you leave sufficient time between your bookings, to assist with keeping on time. The session times will be held in the morning at 8.00am – 8.40am, followed by the afternoon sessions held at 3.40pm – 6.50pm. All conferences conclude at 7pm.


Wednesday 26th June
Classroom Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Wednesday, 26th June 12.00pm – 6.30pm. These conferences are for all students. Classroom teachers are requesting all parents and students attend. Please make a booking. Bookings will open on Wednesday 12th June at 4.00 pm and close on Friday, 21st June at 4.00 pm. Classroom Teacher Conferences will be 10 minutes in duration, please ensure you are prompt with your arrival and considerate of the 10-minute limit as teachers will aim to adhere to the booking schedule.

Shared classroom roles availability:

  • Prep V - Leigh Tangee and Alex van Nugteren will be in attendance
  • 2M - Ambery Mahony and Ally Kropf will be in attendance
  • 3M - Kellie McQuestin and Jo Toman will be in attendance
  • 4W - Kelly Wild and Flora Kossivas will be in attendance
  • 5/6H - Bryony Hardy will be in attendance. Amanda Solakidis is unavailable.

Other important information

  • Students do not attend school on this day and are marked present when they attend the conference with parents.
  • Students in 1P which are having their conferences a day earlier, will also be marked present on this Wednesday, based on their conference attendance.
  • Parents of students who will be attending Student Support Group (SSG) meetings during the next few weeks are not required to make a PSTC time. These students do not attend school on Wednesday, 26th Those students will be marked present for that day.
  • All conferences will be held face to face on the school grounds.
  • The Foundation Conferences will all be held in the Milburn Shared Area.
  • Year 1 – 6 Conferences will all be held in your child’s classroom.
  • Semester 1 Academic Reports and Term 2 Effort and Progress Reports will be released through Compass on the last day of Term 2, Friday 28th June


Julia Nour
Assistant Principal – Administration


Thank you to our community for going rainbow Friday, 17 May, with the aim to show our support for LGBTQIA+ community, and to revisit important discussions around embracing and respecting diversity and bias-based bullying. 

Check out the photos below.

Values guide our actions, shape our character, and help us navigate through life with purpose and integrity.

Here are some of the key values that are important to learn and how we incorporate them into our daily lives:

Respect: We believe in treating everyone with dignity and consideration. We show respect by listening attentively to each other, valuing different opinions, and demonstrating courtesy in our interactions.

Empathy: Understanding and sharing the feelings of others is crucial. We practice empathy by checking in on each other’s emotional well-being, offering support during tough times, and being compassionate listeners.

Responsibility: Taking ownership of our actions and their consequences is vital. We foster responsibility by completing our tasks diligently, being accountable for our mistakes, and learning from them.

Kindness: Small acts of kindness can make a big difference. We encourage kindness by performing daily acts of generosity, such as helping a neighbor, sharing a kind word, or volunteering for community service.

Integrity: Honesty and moral uprightness are the foundation of trust. We maintain integrity by being truthful, honoring our commitments, and standing up for what is right, even when it’s difficult.

Courage: Facing fears and standing up for what is right, even when it's difficult, is something we value highly. We encourage each other to take on new challenges and support one another in moments of bravery, whether it’s speaking up against injustice or trying something new.

Curiosity: A love of learning and an open mind are essential for growth. We foster curiosity by exploring new ideas together, asking questions, and seeking out educational experiences, such as reading diverse books, and engaging in thoughtful discussions.

Putting Values into Action
To make these values a living part of our school and family culture, engaging in regular practices and activities will reinforce them:

Family Meetings: Family meetings / discussions during dinner or in the car where everyone can share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This helps us stay connected and aligned with our values.

Modeling Behavior: We understand that children learn by observing. Therefore, we strive to model the values we teach, such as showing respect, acting with integrity, and demonstrating kindness in our daily interactions.

Value-Based Questions: We ask reflective questions at dinner or bedtime, such as:

  • What act of kindness did you do today?
  • How did you show responsibility?
  • Did you face any challenges where you had to be honest and true to yourself?

Insights from Year 5/6 Meeting
It’s heartening to see Year 5/6 students exploring their values and reflecting on the importance of character over physical appearance. The discussion highlighted the difference between values-based adjectives like "Helpful," "Kind," and "Caring," and negative labels based on physical traits. This reinforces the idea that our worth is defined by our character and actions, not by how we look.

Victor Frankl’s quote about the space between stimulus and response is a powerful reminder that we have the power to choose our reactions. This concept is crucial in teaching children about self-awareness and mindful decision-making.

By consciously integrating these values into our daily lives and discussions, we aim to create a nurturing environment where everyone can grow and thrive, grounded in principles that foster mutual respect, empathy, and integrity.



Event Date


24 May

World Schizophrenia Awareness Day

26 May

National Sorry Day

27 May - 3 June

Reconciliation Week (Now More Than Ever)

1 June

Global Day of Parents

3 June

Mabo Day

5 June

World Environment Day

20 June

World Refugee Day - United Nations

21 June

World Music Day

7 - 14 July


15 - 21 July

Birth Trauma Awareness Week

30 July

International Day of Friendship


Week 7, Term 2
  • 2.40pm - 5 Minutes of Fame in classrooms
    The following classes will receive their awards during their specialist session:
    3W - Art
    2B - Spanish/Music
    4W - Science
  • 2.50pm - Assembly this week. Below is the agenda:
    • Principal report
    • Environmental Captains 
    • Special presentation in recognition of National Reconciliation Week:
      • Acknowledgement to country
      • Sonya Hunt (our school's KESO) will be in attendance
      • Special presentation by the Deadly Club members
  • At the conclusion of assembly - SOTW and Golden Ticket photos at the stage
    *Golden Ticket draw - Village 1

Congratulations to all of the students that are receiving a Student of the Week award!






Lola Ford




Valentina Pavlidis




Alicia Diaz Rodriguez




Sara Cosway




Milly Thomson

Respect and Success

LA 8


Hannah Mallard

Success & Wisdom


Prep B

Ari Rahmanovic



Prep D

Eddy Hansen 

Success & Respect 


Prep V

Charlie Bamblett



Prep H

Drew Nicholls




Jean O’Shea




Malak Fatfat




Azalia Pretto




Amelia Karp




Aiden Feng




Omar Fatfat




Jack O’Connell




Jackson Dyball 




Camille Nicholson




Ruby Stonehouse




Zahra Al Shakks




Ajmal Ahmed



Ava Koukeris - LA 6



Janiya Adeniji - LA 11



Heidi Clayton



Archer Plutino

Success, Respect & Responsibility


Asya Al-Saadi




Success and Respect


Priya Nallapaneni



Zoe Jones



Orlando Kang

Wisdom and Success

Group photo of last week's SOTW recipients!

Week 6 Golden Ticket winners!


These little “litter legends” were collecting rubbish during recess last Thursday.

Zoe Jones from LA21 showed great initiative by bringing in a recyclable Coles bag so that she could collect more rubbish, as opposed to picking it up by hand and having to make multiple trips to the bin.

This was the second time this week that I have seen Zoe and friends (Artemis LA11, Caoimhe LA26 and Maia LA26) cleaning up the school yard. 
- Kylie Garlick.

Ajmal was stoked about getting 14/17 on his spelling test. 
- Rex Hickman

RWPS - Waste Reduction School!

RWPS is moving to a ‘carry in, carry out’ waste reduction school 

Did you know RWPS produces approximately 11.6 kg of organic waste per day? Over a school year that is 2,315.8 kg, or the combined weight of 116 junior school students! Nearly all of this organic waste goes into our classroom bins, which feed into council landfill bins. The school’s newly formed Staff Green Team, alongside our school environment captains, Olivia, Zoe and Ilya, are keen to enact changes to how we deal with our school’s waste. The biggest opportunity for schools to reduce waste is to avoid food waste and manage organic waste 

Our school community is fortunate to live in council areas that provide the removal of organic waste as part of the regular collection schedule. If disposed of with non-compostable household waste the organics rot down and mingle with other landfill chemicals while producing methane and other harmful greenhouse gases. Separated organic waste can rot down in a safe, controlled way – a way that, as we have seen, produces valuable, fertilising compost. 

‘Diverting waste from landfill can sometimes feel like a chore, but the benefits far outweigh the temporary annoyance of getting your hands dirty. This is especially true of organic waste. Yes, it may occasionally be sticky or smelly, but it’s not hard to properly sort and divert these compostable materials away from our landfills – and doing so brings some enormous benefits to society and the planet.’ 

What changes are we making at school?
We are asking all students and staff to take their organic waste home. After snack and lunch, school community members will put their organic scraps back into their lunch boxes and carry them home. 


Why do we want students and school staff to take their organic waste offsite?
Schools produce large volumes of food waste. We want to divert organics going into landfill, and instead send the waste to either council depots for useable compost or send it home so families can add the organic waste to their backyard compost bins. 

Why doesn't the school compost onsite? 
Many schools use compost piles and worm farms to repurpose their organic waste. A school must carefully manage this to avoid attracting pests such as rats. Onsite composting requires ongoing maintenance (e.g. frequent turning of organic waste to promote aeration and faster decomposition). Parent volunteers or staff attached to kitchen garden programs often undertake this. 

School organics can lack the variety of brown-to-green ratio required to create a healthy compost (e.g. too much fruit, not enough leaves, grass clippings). Having a proper mix of green and brown materials will ensure that your compost pile works properly. Without a good mix of brown and green materials, your compost pile may not heat up, may take longer to break down into useable compost, and may even start to smell bad. 

PFA News

Hello School Community,

We hope you are having a wonderful week.

Hang Around Friday - Friday 24th May
Thank you to everyone who attended this event. Hang Around Fridays have become one of our favourite events. They have a wonderful community vibe and we appreciate all the families for supporting the school. 

A special thanks to all the parent and teacher volunteers on the day. It takes 30 volunteers to set up and run this event. Without the volunteer support, these events would not be possible. 

Fundraising Funds 
We would love to have the school community contribute ideas on where the 2024 PFA fundraising is allocated. Some funds have already been allocated however we are working on presenting some further ideas in the coming weeks. If you have a suggestion please send it through to 

Thank you for following along and your ongoing support! 


Warmest regards,
Zayna and the PFA team.

Foundation - Global Studies

The Foundation students have been focusing on the importance of rules, friendships, and social justice in their Global Studies unit for Term 2. They have learnt about resolving conflict and why rules are essential for a community.

Last Monday, we had some grandparents share their own primary school experiences. Our Foundation students were able to see how rules have changed since then and how some rules have remained the same.

A big thank you to all the grandparents who participated, making this learning experience memorable and enriching for our students.

Book Fair - Thank you

RWPS Book Fair Success!

Dear RWPS Community,

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited and contributed to the overwhelming success of our Book Fair. Your enthusiasm, support and participation made this event a great success.

We were delighted to have seen so many students visit and browse the books that were on offer.

Students who pre-ordered books I am still awaiting their arrival and I will distribute these as soon as they arrive.

I am in the process of finalising the Book Fair and with our benefits from Scholastic we will soon be able to select many popular titles for the students to enjoy in the library.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Flora Kossivas.



With the upcoming Pupil Free days scheduled during Term 2, TheirCare will be running an all-day program available to families. Please see the details below.
  • Week 9 - Tuesday 11th June (day after public holiday): 7am - 6pm
  • Week 11 - Wednesday 26th June (Parent Teacher Conference Day): 7am - 6pm

You can book directly online through the family portal. Alternatively, you can call TheirCare on 1300 072 410 for further assistance.



Please take a look at what is happening this year at RWPS.

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