RWPS eNewsletter Term 2 Week 8


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Carers, and Students,

I hope your week is off to a great start.

Thank you to everyone who inquired about Bruce’s son’s surgery. I am pleased to share that the surgery was highly successful. Although he has been discharged from the hospital, he faces a long road to full recovery. Bruce is expected to return to work either this week or next.

Last Friday, I felt immense pride as the Acting Principal. Members of the Deadly Club, accompanied by Kane Richardson and Sonya Hunt (Koorie Education Support Officer), gave a presentation at our assembly. The event began with Hunter and Duke Lovett doing an Acknowledgement of Country in their language. Additionally, Deadly Club members gifted yarning sticks they created to representatives of each Learning Area.

Please find photos of the event at the bottom of this report.


Rex and Arlia Hickman have announced the arrival of their beautiful baby boy, Beau. He eagerly came into the world on Monday 27th May at 12:46pm at a lovely 3.56kg (or 7.84 pounds). He is already adored by his big brother, Arthur. Congratulations to the Hickman family!

Some Important Dates to Remember

  • Gold Coin Donation Dress Up: Thursday, June 6th. Gold coin donations will be donated to a relevant charity agreed upon by the SRC to recognise World Ocean’s Day and World Environment Day. Students and teachers are encouraged to come dressed to the theme of the environment or the ocean. Our colour theme is green and blue, so students can come dressed in green and/or blue, too.
  • King’s Birthday Public Holiday: Monday, June 10th is a Public Holiday. No school.
  • Pupil Free Day: Tuesday, June 11th is a Pupil Free Day. Teachers will be busy preparing Semester One Academic Reports and Term 2 Effort and Behaviour Progress Reports. Students do not attend school on this day. Their Care will be available.

Classroom Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences: Wednesday, June 26th. Students do not attend school on this day but are marked present when they attend the conferences with their parents/carers. Families with specific students who have SSGs scheduled prior to this date, do not need to book a conference on this day, and these specific students will be marked present. Families in 1P are having their PST Conferences on the Tuesday. Therefore, these students will also be marked present based on their conference attendance.

Their Care will be available on this day.


Just a reminder that on Thursday and Friday, Bruce (hopefully), Julia, and I are attending the Yarra Darebin Principal Conference. Flora Kossivas (Thursday) and Robyn Griffin (Friday) will be taking on the role of Acting Principal on these two days.

Eid ul-Adha ('Festival of Sacrifice') is one of the most important festivals in the Muslim calendar. We wish our families who celebrate with friends and family, Eid Mubarak!

Kindest regards,

Barb Balliro.

Parent Student Teacher Conferences

Here at Reservoir West, we advocate for students being engaged and empowered in their learning. As a result, we have Parent, Student and Teacher conferences (PSTC). In 2024, we are asking all students to attend these conferences with their parents/guardians. It is a way to foster a collaborative effort towards student progress, a reflective opportunity for students to speak to their own learning and their needs moving forward. This is also a chance for students to do some goal-setting and to be accountable to themselves and to the adults in their lives.


Tuesday 25th June
Specialist Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Tuesday, 25th June 3.45 – 6.00pm.
These conferences are by request of parents, if you wish to speak to Specialist teachers. Bookings will open on Wednesday 12th June at 4.00 pm and close on Friday, 21st June at 4.00 pm. These meetings will be taking place in the Library. Specialist Conferences will be 5 minutes in duration, please ensure you are prompt with your arrival and considerate of the 5-minute limit as teachers will aim to adhere to the booking schedule.


  • PE - Amanda Solakidis will be available. Olivia Ryan, Anne Watson, Kylie Garlick and Kahli Heraud will not be available.
  • Spanish/Music - Tash Vargas and Jorge Leiva will both be available.
  • Art - Daniela Conte and Jorge Leiva will both be available.
  • Library - Flora Kossivas will be available. Kahli Heraud and Katherine Nikolakoudis will not be available.
  • Science - Adie Hasan will be available.
  • Digital Technologies - Kelly Mitchell will be available.


Support Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Tuesday, 25th June 3.45 – 6.00pm.
Support teachers will be available to meet with families for students who attend their sessions. If interested, families are asked to contact the following support teachers directly, to organise a 10-minute conference.



1P Classroom Conferences
The Semester 1 conferences for 1P will be held on Tuesday 25th June, 2024. This is the same day as the Specialist conferences. If you wish to see the specialist teachers, as well as Ms Danie Palermo, please ensure that you leave sufficient time between your bookings, to assist with keeping on time. The session times will be held in the morning at 8.00am – 8.40am, followed by the afternoon sessions held at 3.40pm – 6.50pm. All conferences conclude at 7pm.


Wednesday 26th June
Classroom Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Wednesday, 26th June 12.00pm – 6.30pm. These conferences are for all students. Classroom teachers are requesting all parents and students attend. Please make a booking. Bookings will open on Wednesday 12th June at 4.00 pm and close on Friday, 21st June at 4.00 pm. Classroom Teacher Conferences will be 10 minutes in duration, please ensure you are prompt with your arrival and considerate of the 10-minute limit as teachers will aim to adhere to the booking schedule.

Shared classroom roles availability:

  • Prep V - Leigh Tangee and Alex van Nugteren will be in attendance
  • 2M - Ambery Mahony and Ally Kropf will be in attendance
  • 3M - Kellie McQuestin and Jo Toman will be in attendance
  • 4W - Kelly Wild and Flora Kossivas will be in attendance
  • 5/6H - Bryony Hardy will be in attendance. Amanda Solakidis is unavailable.

Other important information

  • Students do not attend school on this day and are marked present when they attend the conference with parents.
  • Students in 1P which are having their conferences a day earlier, will also be marked present on this Wednesday, based on their conference attendance.
  • Parents of students who will be attending Student Support Group (SSG) meetings during the next few weeks are not required to make a PSTC time. These students do not attend school on Wednesday, 26th Those students will be marked present for that day.
  • All conferences will be held face to face on the school grounds.
  • The Foundation Conferences will all be held in the Milburn Shared Area.
  • Year 1 – 6 Conferences will all be held in your child’s classroom.
  • Semester 1 Academic Reports and Term 2 Effort and Progress Reports will be released through Compass on the last day of Term 2, Friday 28th June


Julia Nour
Assistant Principal – Administration



You may have heard about or read in previous newsletters about Disability Inclusion, a new approach to help us improve support for students with disability and build a more inclusive school for all our students.

Disability Inclusion is intended to help our school better understand what our students need to help them learn, through:

  • a new funding model with more investment
  • a new strength-based process called the Disability Inclusion Profile to help identify the student’s needs and required adjustments
  • more training and coaching for teachers and school staff about the best ways to support student learning.

The Disability Inclusion Profile replaces the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) application process.

Over the coming years, we will invite families of students who are currently part of the PSD, and other students with disability and additional learning needs, to participate in a meeting to complete a Disability Inclusion Profile.

We will use new school funding and supports for more training and professional development for teachers and school staff, expert advice about disability, teachers and other staff to help plan and deliver changes for students, and resources to support learning.

The Disability Inclusion Profile
The Disability Inclusion Profile will help us find out more about your child’s strengths and needs. It will inform personalised funding allocations, help us plan student learning and any changes a student may need to better learn.

The new Disability Inclusion Profile process will replace the Educational Needs Questionnaire used as a part of the current PSD.

As we transition over the next three years, families of students who are part of the PSD will be asked to attend a meeting to complete a Disability Inclusion Profile.

People who know your child will be involved in the meeting, along with an independent, trained facilitator who will help our school and families complete the profile.

If your child is part of the PSD, we will work with you to find the most suitable time to complete their profile.

The profile will also be available to a broad group of students with high needs.

We will identify students who are not currently part of the PSD, who may benefit from a Disability Inclusion Profile. If we consider that your child’s education will benefit from having a profile, we will contact you.

For more information about Disability Inclusion, please refer to the Q and A for Parent(s)/Carer(s) or visit


Researchers from Monash University and Deakin University have developed a set of FREE parenting guidelines for child and adolescent school reluctance and refusal due to due to anxiety, depression or emotional distress.

The evidence-based guidelines contain practical strategies for parents to respond to their child’s school attendance difficulties. The researchers are currently completing a study to better understand how useful these guidelines are, and how they could be improved.

If you have children or teenagers who struggle to attend school, please feel free to the attached flyer. You can find out more and download the guidelines at:





Event Date


1 June

Global Day of Parents

3 June

Mabo Day

5 June

World Environment Day

20 June

World Refugee Day - United Nations

21 June

World Music Day

7 - 14 July


15 - 21 July

Birth Trauma Awareness Week

30 July

International Day of Friendship



Week 8, Term 2

  • No assembly this week
  • 3.15pm - 5 Minutes of Fame in classrooms
    The frollowing classes will receive their awards during their specialist session:
    3W - Art
    2B - Spanish/Music
  • 3.25pm - SOTW and Golden Ticket photos at the stage
    *Golden Ticket draw - Milburn Wing

Congratulations to all of the students that are receiving a Student of the Week award!






Stella Halge-Adams




Perry O’Brien




Hussain Qureshi




Zoe Videan




Ilya Al-Saadi




Celia Grenfell

Respect and Wisdom

LA 8


Hannah Pywell

Persistence & Success


Prep D

Milena Petrovic 



Prep V

Willow Thomason



Prep H

Amelia Orsino




Alysia Manonella




Edward McArdle




Eve El-Halabi




Naajiya Rahman




Harper Richardson




Zoe Grammatos

Persistence & Success



Ginger Sharkey




Alby Banfield




Spencer Milne




Sabrina Cantiani




Thomas Zorzi




Vladimir Tong



Sophia Campagna

Ella Remec





Wisdom & Success


Eva Mounir

Responsibility, Wisdom & Success


Adam Ntolaza

Wisdom and Success


Clara Shepherd



Mac Swinnerton & 

Stella Halge-Adams



Luca Cucinotta

Success and Responsibility

Group photo of last week's SOTW recipients!

Week 7 Golden Ticket winners!

Foundation - Literacy

During Term 2 the Foundation students have been developing their reading and writing skills through a range of activities. Below are some photos from our Literacy sessions such as Daily Writing Warm Up, recount writing and some hands-on activities.

Daily Writing in 4W!

In our Daily Writing lessons, the students of 4W were required to write a paragraph using four challenge words. Our words were: phenomenon, marvel, spectacular, astonishment. The paragraphs were on one of the ’Seven Ancient Wonders of the World’.

Let me tell you all the paragraphs were spectacular!


Olive Tizzard

The Temple of Artemis is truly a historical phenomenon! The temple was built in 550 BC and designed by a man called Ctesiphon and his son Metagenes. Long ago it was built by Croesus the Kind of Lydia to honour Artemis. He built the temple using 127 huge marble columns. The temple took a long 120 years to build. It is13 times bigger than Parthenon of Athens. The temple of Artemis was destroyed and rebuilt three times, but sadly it is not in its full form to modern day, but there are remains of the temple that survived.


Hannah Mallard

Let’s discuss the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. These magnificent gardens were first described by Chaldean Priest Borassus. These gardens don’t have any physical evidence and may not have been a real phenomenon all together. According to legend, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were about 75-80 feet high. This marvel was supposedly built in 600 BC, making it very ancient. This is some information about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


Amity Simmons

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are spectacular. You can marvel at them on the internet. Do you believe that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a phenomenon or not? It will be an astonishment if you find any ruins. I must warn you, some of the pictures look like they’re from a video game. Spectacular images!


Lucy Mourani

The spectacular Lighthouse of Alexandria was a tower that stood at 300 feet tall, which at the time of construction was the second tallest man-made structure in existence. What a marvel that would be to have seen! The only taller man-made structure at the time was the Pyramids of Giza. Lighthouse of Alexandria is on the Island of Pharos outside the harbours of Alexandria in Egypt. Alexandria had been more than 110 metres tall.

Division Cross Country

On Thursday 30th May, 11 of our students headed off to Bundoora Park to represent our school in the Division Cross Country Event. It was a windy day but that didn’t stop our students trying their absolute best. Well done to all our students who represented our school in such a positive light.

A special thanks to the Grammatos family for organizing our transport for the day!

The following students will be going through to the next round, held later this term:

  • Anton Naughton Smith
  • Patrick Lawry
  • Bernie Poelsma
  • Grace Farmer
  • Hanna Stafford Komornik

Thank you,
Olivia Ryan.



With the upcoming Pupil Free days scheduled during Term 2, TheirCare will be running an all-day program available to families. Please see the details below.
  • Week 9 - Tuesday 11th June (day after public holiday): 7am - 6pm
  • Week 11 - Wednesday 26th June (Parent Teacher Conference Day): 7am - 6pm

You can book directly online through the family portal. Alternatively, you can call TheirCare on 1300 072 410 for further assistance.



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