RWPS eNewsletter Term2 Week 10


Principal's Report

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Congratulations to Arlia and Rex Hickman on the safe arrival of Beau Barry Hickman (a.k.a. Big Boy Hickman). He eagerly came into the world on Monday 27th May at 12:46pm at a lovely 3.56 kg (or 7.84 pounds). He is already adored by his big brother Arthur. Rex will be returning to school next week and Arlia probably next year.


There have been a few times this term that parents have missed paying and/or providing consent for school events. This causes distress for all involved. Parents are angry at themselves because they feel that they have let their child or children down, students are disappointed because they are missing out on the activity and staff are distressed because they don’t like saying no and the student in the end is the one who misses out.

Events that require consent/payment are posted on Compass with ample time for parents to respond. Reminders are sent out through Compass by teachers reminding parents of the cut-off date.

The item below was in most of the Newsletters last year during Term 4. Please, please, please – check your compass notifications and do not miss cut-off dates. If you do not wish your child to attend a particular event, for whatever reason, just decline it.

School events such as incursions/excursions, camps and sporting events are very exciting for both staff and students. They provide great opportunities for students to flourish outside of the traditional classroom setting.
However, it is crucial that correct procedures are followed in relation to parents/carers providing payment and consent for these events.
When these events are set up on Compass there is a clearly stated cut-off time for payment to be made and consent to be given.
In the past the school has bent the rules in accepting late payments. This will not happen anymore. It puts unnecessary stress on staff, especially office staff. Please do not contact teachers or the office staff to process late approvals or payments or send money to the office with your child.
Ultimately it is up to parents/carers to ensure that payments are made and consent given before the cut-off date. No exceptions are going to be made. Reminders will be sent out by teachers before the cut-off date.
If you are not confident or you have forgotten your Compass password, please come to the office and staff will assist you with making the payment on Compass or reset your password. Resetting of your password can also be done by phoning the office.


We were a bit chuffed to have Channel 7 come out to the school last week and feature our school on their nightly news. I loved seeing Ziya Burke and the students in LA9 going through their phonics activities.

I was also pleased that Barb and I were interviewed, even though a lot was edited out. Because the announcement from the Department of Education that morning centred around the systematic teaching of phonics and the introduction of explicit instruction, much of what we spoke about was our explicit instruction journey. However, Channel 7 was mainly interested in the teaching of phonics and how students learn to read. At Reservoir West Primary School, we have been systematically teaching phonics to our students for years. However, the game-changer has been the introduction of decodable readers, which are providing our student with the pathway to quickly learn how to read.

We are also very proud of our progress in the implementation of explicit instruction across the school, but Channel 7 was not really interested in presenting it. It’s affirming to know that we are leading the way in research-based teaching and learning.


We understand that there are times when you may need to collect your child from school earlier than the 3.30 dismissal time.

This can be disruptive to learning and so we ask that it be kept to a minimum and that appointments be made outside of school times.

However, it is occasionally unavoidable, so we ask that pickups occur at the beginning or end of lunchtime. Those times are 1.30 and 2.30pm.

This way we will be minimising classroom interruptions and be able to locate your child as quickly as possible.



This Friday’s Breakfast Club will run as usual, but it will be the last one for the term. There will be no Breakfast Club on Friday 28th June, the last day of Term 2. It will commence again on the second Friday of Term 3.



Each term we practise one of our four types of emergency drills. On Monday of this week, the whole school practised an on-site evacuation drill. During Term 1, we undertook a lockdown drill.



Principal (WTBM)

Parent Student Teacher Conferences

Here at Reservoir West, we advocate for students being engaged and empowered in their learning. As a result, we have Parent, Student and Teacher conferences (PSTC). In 2024, we are asking all students to attend these conferences with their parents/guardians. It is a way to foster a collaborative effort towards student progress, a reflective opportunity for students to speak to their own learning and their needs moving forward. This is also a chance for students to do some goal-setting and to be accountable to themselves and to the adults in their lives.


Tuesday 25th June
Specialist Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Tuesday, 25th June 3.45 – 6.00pm.
These conferences are by request of parents, if you wish to speak to Specialist teachers. Bookings will open on Wednesday 12th June at 4.00 pm and close on Friday, 21st June at 4.00 pm. These meetings will be taking place in the Library. Specialist Conferences will be 5 minutes in duration, please ensure you are prompt with your arrival and considerate of the 5-minute limit as teachers will aim to adhere to the booking schedule.


  • PE - Amanda Solakidis will be available. Olivia Ryan, Anne Watson, Kylie Garlick and Kahli Heraud will not be available.
  • Spanish/Music - Tash Vargas and Jorge Leiva will both be available.
  • Art - Daniela Conte and Jorge Leiva will both be available.
  • Library - Flora Kossivas will be available. Kahli Heraud and Katherine Nikolakoudis will not be available.
  • Science - Adie Hasan will be available.
  • Digital Technologies - Kelly Mitchell will be available.


Support Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Tuesday, 25th June 3.45 – 6.00pm.
Support teachers will be available to meet with families for students who attend their sessions. If interested, families are asked to contact the following support teachers directly, to organise a 10-minute conference.



1P Classroom Conferences
The Semester 1 conferences for 1P will be held on Tuesday 25th June, 2024. This is the same day as the Specialist conferences. If you wish to see the specialist teachers, as well as Ms Danie Palermo, please ensure that you leave sufficient time between your bookings, to assist with keeping on time. The session times will be held in the morning at 8.00am – 8.40am, followed by the afternoon sessions held at 3.40pm – 6.50pm. All conferences conclude at 7pm.


Wednesday 26th June
Classroom Teacher Conferences will be occurring on Wednesday, 26th June 12.00pm – 6.30pm. These conferences are for all students. Classroom teachers are requesting all parents and students attend. Please make a booking. Bookings will open on Wednesday 12th June at 4.00 pm and close on Friday, 21st June at 4.00 pm. Classroom Teacher Conferences will be 10 minutes in duration, please ensure you are prompt with your arrival and considerate of the 10-minute limit as teachers will aim to adhere to the booking schedule.

Shared classroom roles availability:

  • Prep V - Leigh Tangee and Alex van Nugteren will be in attendance
  • 2M - Ambery Mahony and Ally Kropf will be in attendance
  • 3M - Kellie McQuestin and Jo Toman will be in attendance
  • 4W - Kelly Wild and Flora Kossivas will be in attendance
  • 5/6H - Bryony Hardy will be in attendance. Amanda Solakidis is unavailable.

Other important information

  • Students do not attend school on this day and are marked present when they attend the conference with parents.
  • Students in 1P which are having their conferences a day earlier, will also be marked present on this Wednesday, based on their conference attendance.
  • Parents of students who will be attending Student Support Group (SSG) meetings during the next few weeks are not required to make a PSTC time. These students do not attend school on Wednesday, 26th Those students will be marked present for that day.
  • All conferences will be held face to face on the school grounds.
  • The Foundation Conferences will all be held in the Milburn Shared Area.
  • Year 1 – 6 Conferences will all be held in your child’s classroom.
  • Semester 1 Academic Reports and Term 2 Effort and Progress Reports will be released through Compass on the last day of Term 2, Friday 28th June


Julia Nour
Assistant Principal – Administration


Week 10, Term 2
  • No assembly this week
  • 3.15pm - 5 Minutes of Fame in classrooms
    The following classes will receive their awards during their specialist session:
    3W - Art
    2B - Spanish/Music
  • 3.25pm - SOTW and Golden Ticket photos at the stage
    *Golden Ticket draw - Village 3

Congratulations to all of the students that are receiving a Student of the Week award!






Aya El-Halabi




Sophie Henriksson




Flynn Williamson


LA 8


Lucy Mourani

Persistence & Success


Prep B

Charlie Barber



Prep D

June Villella 

Success & Bravery 


Prep V

Harry Jowett



Prep H

Oliver Bloom




Clara Nagi




Daisy Jenkins




Eli Dodds




Asha Presljak-Lim




Luca Cucinotta




Juliet Curry




Jacob Skinner




Annika Henriksson




Marcus Paskoski




Violet Emond




Alannah Marsi




Timmy Lawry




Jonas Wray-Mccan 




Naksh Arora



Eva Pfeiffer LA21



Wren Ducat LA27



Edie Hunter LA9



Alana Favrin

Mikayla Ivanovski

Responsibility & Success

Responsibility & Success


Isabelle Nixon



Evelyn Cooke LA5

Responsibility, Wisdom and Success


Lexie Pearce



Spencer Milne

Persistence and Success

Numeracy in Year 3!

This week, our Grade 3 students delved into the concept of symmetry through a creative art. They drew the other half of their faces, learning about balance and proportion while honing their artistic skills, check out some of their portraits.

Fun in the Art Room with Foundation!

This term, the Foundation students had much fun exploring colour theory, collage, and texture when developing their creative artworks. The students looked at how secondary colours are created from primary colours. Can you see our colour theory equations and gift wrap made from mixing primary colours together? Colour theory was explored further when 'magical' watercolour pencils were used to create rain showers using cool colours such as blue, green and purple. The pencil turned into paint when water was brushed over the colours. AMAZING!

Another interesting activity was during a study on texture. The students watched a clip about stocky, prickly echidnas and then drew them using oil pastels. Can you see the spikes on their backs? They then gave the pictures a wash with diluted water paints. 

In addition, many materials were used when the students had fun exploring collage. Mixed media such as icy pole sticks, cotton balls, tissue paper, pom poms, cup cake cases and coloured paper were used to represent homes and front gardens. 

All in all, a great term's work!

Daniela Conte
Art Teacher

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

During Semester 1 in EAL, the focus has been on developing students’ English proficiency. EAL students engage in an evidence-based, explicit, and effective literacy program that aims to develop their Speaking and Listening, Reading, and Writing skills. In EAL lessons, students use decodable readers. Decodable readers support the development of decoding skills, advancement of vocabulary and meet the reader at their level of comprehension. In addition, students participate in a variety of literacy activities to improve their oral language skills. They celebrate their diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds by sharing their experiences, offering opinions, and having meaningful conversations with their peers.



Dear Parent(s) / Carer(s) and Student(s),

As you may be aware, Kane and I will be on Long Service Leave with our family to the Sunshine Coast to visit extended family and recharge. We are looking forward to some warmth, beach walks and Jesse really wants to learn how to surf! Hopefully we all come back in one piece!!

The following details the Wellbeing Hub arrangements whilst we are away, and this will also be sent in a newsfeed for those who may miss the newsletter.

If there is an urgent matter, please contact either Bruce, Julia, Barb (M, W, Th, F) or Emma (Tuesdays / Thursdays).


  • The Hub is closed for playtime to the school. Specific students who require a withdrawal space during recess and lunch may be able to use the Hub, if supervised by Principal class. This will be communicated to the students/ teachers if not possible on that day.
  • The Hub spaces are available for student external services (OTs, Speech Therapist, Psychologists etc) as per their schedule. They will need to sign in to either the classroom teacher or someone from Principal class.


Wellbeing Hub Supervision

Friday 21st

Julia, ES

Monday 24th

Bruce, ES

Tuesday 25th

Emma, Julia, ES

Wednesday 26th 


Thursday 27th 

Emma, Barb, ES

Friday 28th

Emma, Barb, ES

Students, we know you will take good care of our Principal class, and are the experts on how things run in the Hub. Take care of it and have fun!!

Digital Use and Safety at Home
On Friday, I sent a newsfeed regarding student online activities at home. I was sent a resource for parents regarding setting up parental controls – the tech side of things can be very tricky to navigate so I hope you find this resource helpful. Thank you for sending this through.

Term 2 Wrap Up
As we conclude Term 2, we would like to share with you some of the highlights of the past few months, as well as upcoming events next term. It has been a term filled with growth, learning, and community building, and we are thrilled to reflect on the progress our students have made.

Talking Sticks: Enhancing Communication
One of the innovative practices we have introduced this term is the use of talking sticks in our classrooms. This traditional method has proven to be an effective tool for improving communication and ensuring that every student has a voice. It is being used to foster an environment of respect and active listening, allowing students to express themselves confidently and thoughtfully.

Celebrating Individual Successes
This term has seen many individual successes across our student body. From academic achievements to personal growth milestones, to making a friend, to improving emotional regulation and help-seeking skills, we are incredibly proud of our students. Many students have shown significant improvements in their social skills, confidence, recognising challenges and how to overcome them appropriately and overall wellbeing. We are super proud of the personal growth we have seen.

Looking Forward: Term 3 and Beyond
As we look ahead to Term 3, we are excited about the initiatives and opportunities on the horizon. Our focus will continue to be on holistic development, ensuring that our students grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Key areas we are looking forward to include:

Naidoc Week
A fun and exciting whole school project has been planned by the Art team for the celebration of NAIDOC Week which will be held in the first week of Term 3. All students will be involved in the creation of a bottle cap mosaic mural with an indigenous theme.

Please remember to save all plastic caps and lids from soft drink bottles, juice bottles, medicine containers, food jars...any kind of PLASTIC cap or lid in all colours and sizes.

A box will be placed outside the art room where cap/lid donations can be left. Please let extended family and coffee shop owners know so that we collect as many caps/lids as possible. Thank you in anticipation for your ongoing support.

The Year 6 Wellbeing Leaders have been working behind the scenes organising a fun way to collect cup of noodles a couple of our community homeless shelters. Information will be provided early next term.

Hint: it involves lollies and cup of noodles.

Enhanced Wellbeing Workshops
We are introducing new workshops tailored to the evolving needs of our students. We are also organising workshops for our junior students. Stay tuned.

Upcoming workshops which you will receive further information via Compass next term




Championing Pre-Teens in a Digital World: Healthy Masculinity Daniel Principe

Year 5/6 males

Tuesday, 6 August

Supportive Friends 2.0 (Stride Education)

Year 5/6 females

Friday, 2 August

MPower (Stride Education)

Year 4 females

Thursday, 1 August

Revved Up (Stride Education)

Year 4 males

Thursday, 1 August


Talking the Talk: Sexuality Education
We will be launching our comprehensive sexuality education program across the school that aims to provide students with accurate information, promote healthy relationships, and empower them to make informed decisions. Each cohort will send notification to families about the dates and content delivered.


Thank You
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our parents and guardians for their unwavering support throughout Term 2. Your involvement and encouragement play a crucial role in the success of our students and the school community as a whole. We look forward to continuing this journey together in Term 3.


Warm regards,
The Wellbeing Team – Kane, Emma and Rebekah.






Event Date


20 June

World Refugee Day - United Nations

21 June

World Music Day

7 - 14 July


15 - 21 July

Birth Trauma Awareness Week

30 July

International Day of Friendship

12 August

International Youth Day

16 August

National Day Against Bullying and Violence

30 August

Wear It Purple Day

2 - 6 September

Women's Health Week

10 September

World Suicide Prevention Day

12 September

R U OK? Day



With the upcoming Pupil Free days scheduled during Term 2, TheirCare will be running an all-day program available to families. Please see the details below.
  • Week 9 - Tuesday 11th June (day after public holiday): 7am - 6pm
  • Week 11 - Wednesday 26th June (Parent Teacher Conference Day): 7am - 6pm

You can book directly online through the family portal. Alternatively, you can call TheirCare on 1300 072 410 for further assistance.



Please take a look at what is happening this year at RWPS.

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