Reservoir West Primary School (RWPS) provides a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum Foundation – Year 10 using up-to-date research-based pedagogy. The curriculum includes both knowledge and skills. These are defined by learning areas and capabilities. RWPS differentiates the curriculum to enable individualised learning using a developmental approach.


At our teaching core is explicit instruction. RWPS structures curriculum lessons for explicit instruction using the RWPS Instructional Model. This includes key components such as a Warm Up, Lesson Intention, Success Criteria, Why, I Do, We Do, You Do and Plough Back. The ultimate goal is transference of learning to long-term memory.

Consistent teacher practice at each year level, is supported by teachers placing student needs at the centre of program planning and delivery, and collaboratively designing and implementing a scope and sequence of learning which is regularly reviewed and updated.


Teaching and learning at RWPS is based on the John Fleming Effective Teaching model. The school commenced its transformation journey under Mr. John Fleming's guidance in 2022.  The students, parents and staff are immensely grateful for his up-to-date research based-pedagogical knowledge, experience and support he continually brings to our school. We thank him for his consultancy and allowing us to utilise his work, and specifically components of his model.

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