Learning Support

RWPS offers learning support in reading and numeracy. 


Reading Support

Multilit Programs are grounded in scientific evidence-based best practice.

The programs are:

  • MiniLit - designed for Years 1-2 but also used for older students
  • MacqLit - designed for Years 3 and older

Both programs offer

  • Intensive reading instruction for struggling readers
  • Delivered to small groups or individual students
  • Carefully sequenced lessons delivered by explicit instruction 
  • Frequent monitoring to ensure mastery of reading skills
  • Covering all key elements of reading instruction:

phonemic awareness






Maths Support

Our Number support program offers:

  • Delivered to groups of between 4 and 6 students from Year 2 to Year 6
  • the role of automaticity and number knowledge/understanding
  • developing and building students’ number understanding and quick recall of basic number facts. 
  • areas of need as determined by assessment



Evidence-based program with the main aim being for students to develop automaticity.


Quicksmart is delivered to pairs of students in Year 6 using explicit strategy instruction and focuses on:

  • Understanding and recall of basic number facts
  • Performance of elementary calculations
  • Acquisition of appropriate mathematics language
  • Problem-solving skills

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